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EOQ-Webinar - Adaptation to Change

Engelstalig online event (link wordt 09-08-2022 toegestuurd)
Woensdag 10 augustus 2022
17:00 uur
18:00 uur

Adaption to Change

It is important to change, as adaptability enhances ability to handle any variation or modification in our work or life in general.  No matter how serious the circumstance might be, instead of wasting energy trying to change the situation, we need to change ourselves, thus achieving success in career and life. With all of the technological and geopolitical disruptions that has happened over the past two years, many people are finding it hard to stay on top of things – let alone adapt.  Also, the statistics has shown that our bodies and brains are designed to resist change.  For this reason, many of us dread the idea of slightest change in our daily routine and shudder at the thought.   


The presentation will show the attendees techniques to adapt in a rapidly changing world.  The presenter will also share practical tips for adapting to change and overcoming the resistance within you, which can become an ultimate barrier to achieving a rewarding promotion, fulfilling career or a happy and joyful existence.


Presenter: Alka Jarvis

Alka Jarvis has 30 years of experience in software engineering, including 19 spent in total quality management. Her background encompasses management of large-scale Software Systems, Cloud, Data Science, AI, Customer Experience, Training and International Quality Management Standards.

She has worked in a variety of leadership roles for Fortune 500 companies such as, Apple Computers, Hitachi, Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, PG&E and others. At Hitachi she served as the Global Software Quality and Center of Excellence Officer. Prior to joining Hitachi, she was with Cisco Systems for 25 years. As Cisco’s first and only Distinguished Quality Engineer (Senior Director), Alka has also achieved the designation of a “Fellow” from the American Society of Quality (ASQ).

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