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EOQ-Webinar - Winner of the European Quality Leader award

Online ontmoeting, engelstalig, van onze netwerkpartner
Donderdag 6 oktober 2022
16:00 uur
17:00 uur

Join us in this webinar and listen to Mr. Fernando Alberto Mesquita de Melo, winner of the 2021 EOQ European Quality Leader Award. 

The European Organization for Quality (EOQ) celebrated on September 15, 2022, the winner of the European Quality Leader Award 2021.

The European Quality Leader (EQL) Award is granted annually by EOQ. EOQ ‘Quality Leaders’ are individuals who have succeeded in guiding their organizations to success for the different stakeholders through their leadership and through the change and quality improvement processes, in the broadest sense, which they have implemented directly through their teams.

The EQL Award winner for 2021, Mr. Fernando Alberto Mesquita de Melo from Portugal, is since 2018 the CEO of Amorim Cork Flooring, world leader in the production and distribution of cork floor and wall coverings. Mr. Mesquita de Melo was selected as the winner of the 2021 EQL award due to his significant achievements as quality focused director, customer focused team builder and award-winning team leader, investing in people, developing innovative solutions and delivering results.

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