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EOQ webinar - the quality manager of the future

Online ontmoeting (link wordt 03-10-2022 toegestuurd)
Dinsdag 4 oktober 2022
11:00 uur
12:00 uur

This webinar takes up the work of France Qualité dedicated to THE QUALITY MANAGER OF THE FUTURE.

Based on feedback, the analysis of major trends and a qualitative survey, Philippe Belot and Hubert Duchatellier give the six major objectives of the quality manager of the future and stress the importance of interpersonal skills.



• Philippe Belot : More than 30 years of quality experience in plants, in central function, Philippe is managing since 2018 the transformation of industrial quality at Michelin group level. His passion are helping operations to become leaner and succeeding transformation.


• Hubert Duchatellier : Naturally and resolutely customer-oriented, Hubert has been focusing for several years on the systemic approach to complex issues with the aim of developing innovative, pragmatic and robust solutions, yesterday at Air France-KLM and today with his clients.

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